Japan Arabic Calligraphy Association (JACA) was founded on May 1, 2006 as a non-profit making association.

 Announcement of its foundation to the public was made on November 18, 2006. Its principal aim is to introduce Arabic calligraphy to Japan and let Japanese people know its beauty and then deepen their understandings regarding Arab and Islam through Arabic calligraphy.

 Currently, JACA has approximately 100 members and more than 200 persons are learning Arabic Calligraphy in Japan under JACA.


Name     : Japan Arabic Calligraphy Association

Address  : 4105-1-506, Totsuka-cho, Totsuka-ku, Yokohama 244-0003, JAPAN

TEL/FAX  : +81-45-330-5551

e-mail   : jaca@alqalam.jp

URL      : http://jaca2006.org


President: Mr.Fuad Koichi Honda (Arabic Calligrapher & Professor Daito Bunka University )

Secretary General: Koichi Yamaoka (Arabic calligraphy instructor)



 Arabic calligraphy was born and developed in Middle Eastern countries and spread to the surrounding areas. How to write the Qur'an precisely and beautifully was one of the most important subjects to the calligraphers. Out of them, eminent calligraphers have turned out and their skills have been succeeded to their disciples. Now it occupies an important part of Islamic arts.

 Indeed, the economic relations between Arab and Japan are very close and intimate through oil and various industrial products. Many Japanese, however, seem to have some misunderstandings about the Arab-Islamic cultures and customs because of little chances or experiences for looking at or touching them. President Koichi Honda not only has long experiences for teaching Arabic language in Japan but also is very active as one of the best Arabic calligraphers in the world. He believes that teaching Arabic calligraphy will help to bridge the gap of the understandings between Arab and Japanese.

 Since its foundation, JACA has given some one-day Arabic calligraphy lectures at various places in Japan and opened new Arabic calligraphy learning courses and held some exhibitions for Arabic calligraphy works. Furthermore it endeavors to exchange information with overseas associations of Arabic calligraphy.